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What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is - water with a pH greater than 7.1 for more information on pH, click here.

Ionized water is - water with electrically charged ions.

Ionized alkaline water is full of negatively charged ions to neutralize oxidizing free radicals in the body, these are called oxidation reduction potential or ORP. The higher the negative ORP the more antioxidants in the water.

Tyent USA's water machines filter regular tap water and turns it into the best water you have ever tasted, clean and crisp with no after taste.

Tyent USA offers a Lifetime Warrantee on the MMP and UCE series water machines. See our Online Store for Water machine prices.

Tyent USA Ionizer ACE and UCE machines filter the water with two .01 Micron filters. The MMP-9090 uses a 1 Micron filter.

Optional upgrade to the .01 Micron Filters available.

See the Independent Lab testing results for both types of filters here.

The first filter removes:

The second filter is a three-stage filter that performs these functions:

Through the use of electrolysis a transformation happens where the acidic component of your tap water is stripped away, and you are left with water that is:

Tyent water machines produce more antioxidants per glass than any other natural drinkable substance.

Research shows that antioxidants have the following health benefits:


Alkaline water can help with age related illnesses.